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Protecting Your Dog’s Eyes

August 2, 2022
Dogs are known for having soulful stares which can just melt our hearts. However, those big puppy dog eyes are quite vulnerable to medical issues. While some pups develop vision problems due to genetics, others can hurt their eyes through injuries, many of which can be avoided. A Georgetown, IN vet offers some advice on protecting Fido’s eyes in this article.

Travel Crated

We know, dogs love sticking their heads out car windows while riding around with their humans. However, this is pretty dangerous. Fido could get dust, bugs, stones, or even lit cigarette butts in his eyes! He’s also at greater risk of injury in an accident. Play it safe, and keep your furry bff crated for travel.

Watch Things At Eye Level

Take a look around your home and yard, and pay attention to the things that are at Fido’s eye level. Certain plants, like aloe, can also be a danger. Avoid planting anything super sharp at your pet’s eye level. If you do plant roses or other thorny plants, put a small garden gate around them to keep your furry pal out. Container plants can also work.

Keep Them Clean

Some pooches are very prone to getting tearstains. These aren’t an immediate danger, but they can get pretty gunky, which isn’t great that close to the eyes. Use a pet tearstain-remover product or a soft clean cloth to clean that cute face.

Trim Hair

Does your canine buddy have hair curling into his eyes? This can cause irritation and tearing, and can obstruct Fido’s vision. You can carefully trim these back. Use round-end scissors, and be extremely careful!

Know The Risks

Some dogs are simply more prone to getting eye issues than others are. For instance, white dogs are particularly at risk, due to their genetics. Vision issues are also more common in French and English bulldogs, Shih-Tzus, Pugs, Boxers, Pekingese and Boston Terriers, and in brachycephalic pups. Be extra careful with these guys!

Ask About Supplements

If your canine companion is at high risk for vision problems, or has perhaps already had an eye injury or shown signs of trouble, ask your vet about supplements. Carotenoid-rich natural supplements, for instance, may be beneficial. These won’t work miracles, but any little bit helps. As your local Georgetown, IN animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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