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Guinea Pig Care Tips

March 1, 2018
March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month? Guinea pigs—also known as cavies—may be small, but they are full of personality, and make very adorable pets. Here, a Floyds Knob, IN vet offers some tips on caring for Guinea pigs.


Guinea pigs are quite sociable, and are much happier with a friend to play with and cuddle up to. These little furballs usually live 4-8 years, with proper care. They are often chosen as kids’ pets because they are fairly inexpensive, easy to care for, and have a sweet demeanor.


You’ll need to offer your Guinea pig fresh grass hay, such as Timothy hay. Commercial cavy food is fine for your cavy’s breakfast and supper. To round out your tiny buddy’s menu, offer the little guy safe, suitable produce. Include lots of food that include Vitamin C, which is essential to your pet’s health. Plenty of fresh water is also a must.


A good, comfy cage is very important. We recommend at least 7.5 square feet for one cavy. If you get more than one Guinea pig, you’ll need a bigger cage than that. Add a suitable substrate, such as aspen or fleece. (Tip: don’t use pine or cedar, which are toxic to cavies.) Your pet will also need some hiding holes, like a box or a cozy, which is basically a tiny tent for small animals, dishes, and a water bottle.


Cavies are very playful, so offer your pet lots of fun playthings. To keep your pet’s teeth healthy, you’ll want to give the little one plenty of chew toys. Many wood, wicker, and cardboard items can make great toys! Look online for easy DIY options. Just be careful not to give your furball anything with dangling threads, sharp edges, or small parts, or anything coated in varnish, paint, or dye.

Veterinary Care

Watch for signs of illness, such as lethargy, matted fur, strange postures or behavior, and lack of appetite. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.


Guinea pigs are very fun pets! Handle your furry friend gently and regularly to keep him friendly and sociable. You may even be able to teach him some adorable tricks, like jumping through a hoop. As your Floyds Knob, IN pet clinic, we’re happy to provide veterinary care for Guinea pigs. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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