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Tips for Brushing Your Cat

May 1, 2016
Do you brush your cat regularly? If so, good for you! Even though our feline friends are quite clean, they can use a little help with their beauty regimens. A Floyds Knob, IN vet offers advice on grooming your kitty in this article.

Benefits of Brushing

Regularly brushing your cat will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. This is good for your kitty’s circulation, and will help keep her looking soft and shiny. Because you’re trapping that extra fur in your brush, you’ll find less cat fur on your clothes and furniture. Brushing Fluffy will also reduce the amount of hairballs she gets. Needless to say, that’s a benefit both you and your pet can enjoy!

How Often To Brush

Long-haired kitties may need daily grooming. For other kitties, twice-weekly brushings should suffice. Senior cats sometimes have trouble cleaning themselves, so Fluffy may need to be brushed more often as she ages.


Pick a time when your furball is feeling relaxed. (This shouldn’t be difficult, given how much time cats spend napping.) Brush your kitty gently, going in the direction of her fur. You’ll want Fluffy to feel as though she’s being pampered, so incorporate lots of cuddles and compliments.


There are several different types of brushes and combs available for kitties. We recommend getting your furry little diva her own beauty kit. Include a detangling rake, as well as a comb and brush. Clean these items after each use, using hot water and cat shampoo.

Know When To Stop

Your kitty will let you know when she’s had enough. Don’t force her to submit to more brushing. You’ll only end up with an angry cat on your hands, and probably won’t find Fluffy very cooperative the next time you try to groom her. Just let your feline buddy go, and try again the next day.

Problem Signs

If you notice brown specks or, worse, moving fleas, in your cat’s fur, you’ll need to get some parasite control products from your vet. Keep an eye out for skin problems as well. If Fluffy’s skin looks red, scaly, or crusty, or if she is missing patches of fur, call your vet immediately. Is your kitty overdue for veterinary care? Please reach out to us, your Floyds Knob, IN animal clinic, anytime! We are happy to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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