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Fun Indoor Exercise Tips for Dog Owners

November 15, 2015
Sometimes, it’s not ideal to take your dog outdoors to exercise. Perhaps it’s too cold, or too dark; maybe you simply prefer to stay in the comfort of your home. Below, your Floyds Knob, IN veterinarian offers a few fun suggestions for getting your dog moving in the house.

Stair Runs

Does your home have a staircase? You have a built-in exercise machine! Try standing at the top of the stairs with a pet treat or one of your dog’s favorite toys, then call your canine companion to you. When he bounds up the stairs to fetch the morsel or toy, let him chow down or play with the toy for a moment before reversing the process. Repeat, and you’re giving your dog a great workout.

Hallway Fun

You can also use your home’s hallway as a running track to get your dog quality exercise. First, remove any breakable or valuable items from the hall. Then, try tossing a ball or dog toy down the hall to have your canine friend chase after it. This is a simple way to have your dog work up a sweat and utilize essential muscles, keeping him limber and fit. For your dog, it’s also a ton of fun!


Hide a couple of treats or toys in various places around your home, without letting your dog see you do it. Then, lead him on a fun hide-and-seek game to find the hidden treasures! Your dog will enjoy darting all around to find the morsels, and he’ll be getting some good physical activity while he does it. Plus, this keeps your dog’s mind engaged and active—mental involvement is equally important as physical exercise!

Laser Lights

We typically think of our feline friends as being the ones to enjoy a laser light, but many dogs go wild for these items as well. Try shining a laser light on the walls or floor of your home and see if your dog tries in vain to catch it. Maneuver the light so that your dog gets a good workout running about to chase it down.

Classic Dog Games

Of course, the classic games of fetch and tug-of-war can work indoors, assuming you have the space. Clear a basement room of any breakable items, and have at it! Your Floyds Knob, IN vet can give you more suggestions for exercising your dog indoors. Call the office today.

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