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Why Your Cat Finds His Food Distasteful

June 1, 2015
Your orange tabby Rudy has quite a hearty appetite. This five-year-old feline housemate has always eagerly scarfed down his vet-approved food. Sometimes, he twirls around your legs at feeding time, hoping you’ll serve his meal a few minutes early. Recently, though, your healthy-eating cat considers his bowl the enemy. He briefly picks at his kibbles before crunching a few bites and padding away. You wonder why he’s avoiding his food, and you’re concerned that he’s lacking nutrition. Tomorrow, your Georgetown, IN vet will give Rudy a physical exam and a good serving of nutritional counseling.

Unfavorable Dining Environment

Although Rudy’s not impressed by fancy restaurants, he appreciates peace and quiet while he enjoys his meals. However, you’ve plopped his feeding station in your super-busy kitchen, where family and friends often congregate. Your distracted feline housemate can’t focus on his food. Since your cat has scheduled mealtimes, maybe his human companions can alter their dining arrangements.

Poor-Quality Menu

Since your persnickety cat has consumed the same familiar kibbles for years, he might be completely sick of that food. Or, if your home’s air contains considerable humidity, he can’t stand the taste and texture of those cardboard-like contents. Perhaps your feline chowhound prefers wet food. By keeping the cans in the refrigerator, they don’t stink as much after they’re opened. However, your quality-minded cat won’t consume that chilly, repulsive mush. Make the food more appealing by heating it slightly. However, don’t burn your cat’s delicate mouth.

More Negative Influences

Rudy’s meticulous hygiene extends to his meals. He won’t accept his food in an unwashed bowl, as a healthy bacteria colony might have settled there. Those nasty little organisms could upset his sensitive digestive tract. Maybe your unfortunate feline has contracted a dental condition, making it painful to eat. After your vet diagnoses and treats his problem, he should happily return to his bowl.

Innovative Idea

Turn the tables on your finicky-eating cat. Purchase a top-quality feline blend; however, honor his desire for dry or wet meals. Avoid human leftovers, as they’ll likely irritate his digestive system. When he becomes really hungry, he’ll probably chow down on the high-end food. If Rudy doesn’t eat for an entire day, ask your Georgetown, IN vet to investigate a medical problem or food allergy. To resolve your feline companion’s picky-eating antics, contact us for expert advice.

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